Monaco Yacht Show Principaute de Monaco
from September 28th 2022 to October 1st 2022

WED > FRI (10AM – 6.30PM) ⦁ SAT (10AM – 6PM)

Monaco Yacht Show Principaute de Monaco 2022

The exhibition of the most glamorous superyachts of the year where you can see the most beautiful yachts and superyachts in the world, you can see the latest news in the sector. Since 1991 the event, through the Monaco Yacht Show, has seen an increase in importance until it has become an unmissable event for enthusiasts and buyers.

Covid-19 – Green Pass Latest provisions

Italian Government Presidency of the Council of Ministers


When and where should the mask be worn? Is it mandatory to use a specific type of mask? When and where should the mask be worn? Is it mandatory to use a specific type of mask?

From June 16, 2022, it is mandatory to use FFP2 masks to access and use the following means of transport:

ships and ferries used for interregional transport services; trains used in interregional, Intercity, Intercity Night and High Speed ​​passenger rail transport services; buses and coaches for transport services between more than two regions; buses and coaches used for rental services with driver; means used in local or regional public transport services; means of school transport dedicated to primary, lower and upper secondary school students. Furthermore, workers, users and visitors of health, social-health and social-welfare facilities, including hospitality and long-term care facilities, health residences, are obliged to wear respiratory protection devices (i.e. at least surgical masks). welfare, hospices, rehabilitation structures, residential structures for the elderly, including non self-sufficient ones. The obligation to wear masks is not provided for: children under 6 years of age; people who, due to their disability or pathology, cannot wear the mask; operators or people who, to assist a person with disabilities, cannot in turn wear the mask (for example: who has to speak in the L.I.S. with a deaf person). Furthermore, it is not mandatory to wear a mask: while carrying out sporting activities; when, due to the characteristics of the places or the factual circumstances, isolation from non-cohabiting people is continuously guaranteed.