The Italian Riviera of Flowers

The Riviera of Flowers

Hotel La Riserva di Castel d'Appio is positioned exactly halfway between the Italian Riviera (Riviera dei Fiori) and the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur). Only 18 kilometers from Sanremo and from Monte-Carlo, La Riserva di Castel d'Appio is the ideal place to stay to visit the most beautiful cities of the French Riviera and Riviera dei Fiori.



The town of Ventimiglia, which often appeals as the "Western Gate of Italy", is divided into two parts by the River Roia, which flows into the Ligurian Sea: a medieval, perched on a hill to the right ( Ventimiglia Alta) and is the second center in Liguria for extension after Genoa, and a modern, built on the left bank of the river from the nineteenth century.

Renowned for its climate, its beaches hour pebbly and sandy, rocky and jagged hours, for its historical sites and natural history of important international events, such as the Battle of Flowers, the Medieval August, the Regional final of Miss Italy, Desbaratu and great weekly market on Friday, including the first ever in Italy and Europe.


Visit Dolceacqua, a village of a thousand inhabitants, is to take a dip in the Middle Ages
The steep streets lined by tall buildings, apparently decrepit but almost all restored, always lead at the top, through which bubbles under the bridges and under the Nervia voltoncini, the typical "chibi" (from ciibu, ie dark) where the rays of the sun struggling to warm up the old walls.
The panoramic view, with a single arch bridge and 33 meters of light and houses clinging to the rock where stands the Castle, is a vision of the most characteristic of Liguria.
A little more than 7 km from the sea, the country has one of the most charming villages of the world, the Castrum Dulzana, mentioned in 1177. It was part of the defensive system of the Counts of Ventimiglia, a grim fortress that assigned to each of the strategic hill Val Nervia.
The term dialect Dusaiga comes from D'Aga us, the "god spell" adored by the Celtic peoples - Liguria.


Sanremo is located in a wide bay between Capo Nero and Capo Verde. City to browse, where extremes meet, in the oldest part is known as the Pigna, with houses perched just a glimpse of the Middle Ages, with the steep, covered passageways and small squares.

The modern town turned a village of fishermen in an elegant tourist destination of world renown. Sanremo is today a city that welcomes tourists and visitors all year round and entertains them with shows and endless entertainment possibilities. Sanremo, famous for its Casino Municipal, built in 1905, the undisputed realm of fans of the green tables, roulette, and slot machines.

Several selected events hosted by the city, the most famous of the Italian Song Festival.

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